More and more people are paying it forward in Frederick toddler's memory

11:33 PM, Nov 28, 2013   |    comments
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FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA9) -- You may remember the story WUSA9 aired earlier this week about hundreds of people across the country coming forward to commit random acts of kindness for people in honor of a little girl from Frederick, Maryland who passed away six months ago. 

2 ½ year old Marra Frehiwot Olsson died in a tragic car accident, and as what would have been the toddler's 3rd birthday came near, the family had an idea to ask people to "pay it forward" in her honor. They created a certificate with Marra's story on it, and posted it on their Facebook page. Hundreds took notice. 

Angie Hanshaw and her friend baked brownies, added the certificate, and dropped them off to the Frederick Mission. She says she never knew Marra but wanted to help, "It was nice because there are a lot of people that don't have what a lot of people take for granted, there are a lot of people out there that don't have a family, that don't have a home to go to, that don't have food to eat."

We spoke to Allison Wolser, of eastern Maryland who committed several random acts of kindness this week, "The first thing I did was I was at a traffic light and there was a homeless person at the intersection. Usually you're kind nervous and looking around like, 'oh, what do I do?' and I never have cash on me and this time I had cash on me, so I gave them the cash on me that was in my wallet." 

We paid it forward too, by handing out some cash along with the certificates to two people we met who say they live in the woods in Frederick. Susan and Maurice told us the kind act made them feel better too, "It actually makes me feel human again because we're so stigmatized these days because we are out there like this."

Wolser said paying it forward reaped great benefits, "I felt like I was doing something outside of myself and showing people that it doesn't have to be something huge that you do. It's something little that might bring a smile to someone's face or make their day a little easier."

On this Thanksgiving, when little Marra, or Freh as she's called, is sorely missed, these stories are keeping her family warm. Her mom, Amy, says she's touched, "It's incredible, especially on Thanksgiving, to hear that people are continuing to pay it forward in Freh's honor and to love people."

If you'd like to pay it forward, and pay tribute to Marra by committing a random act of kindness, you can print a certificate here.

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