Fundraiser at Kelly's Irish Times in DC helps Metro Officer Scott Williams, injured in Navy Yard shooting

11:53 AM, Nov 17, 2013   |    comments
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(WUSA9) -- "Hero. That's the only word that comes to mind," said Heather Munsterman of Scott Williams.

Williams was badly injured in the Navy Yard shooting in September. The Metro Police Department K-9 officer was shot in both legs, cracking his femur bone in one leg and shattering it in the other. 

Saturday night, his fellow officers held a fundraiser to help him deal with the costs that will build up due to his current lack of mobility.

"Especially when you have officers who get leg injuries and stuff and they can't mow their grass, they can't shovel snow, they can't clean their car off when it snows. So, there's mobility issues and stuff like that. Well, that stuff costs money," said Metro officer David Moseley, who helped organize the event at Kelly's Irish Times on F Street in NW.

Organizers collected $20 at the door, sold shirts and held a silent auction. The more than 300 people who attended the event helped raise more than $8,000, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Williams.

"I'd like to say thank you to everybody that's out here. Everybody that supported me," said Williams on Saturday night.

Hear that? He is thankful. Officer Williams was one of the first officers on scene at the Navy Yard shooting. He risked his life, ran into certain danger in search for an active shooter in building 197 hoping to save lives and he is thankful.

That is a hero.

"He was amazing in the Navy Yard. There are actually folks (at the fundraiser tonight) from the Navy Yard who were in building 197 who he saved that day," Moseley pointed out.

They weren't the only ones who came out to a fundraiser for Williams. There were officers from D.C. to California, friends and total strangers who literally came off the street.
"A lot of people I don't even know," said Williams. "It's really something else. It's not something you ever expect. People have been great since this happened."

The last two months have been consumed by intense physical rehab for Williams, who is now using a crutch to support the leg with the shattered bone. The other leg looked surprisingly strong Saturday night.

"It feels really good to be up, out and about," he said.

For most of the event at Kelly's, Williams stood close to the door so he could personally greet everyone who walked into the bar - thanking them for coming out.

"Here's a guy who got shot in the femur - shattered his femur, and just two months later has the ability to power himself into bar," added Moseley. 

But, considering it's only been two months since a bullet shattered his femur, right now, there are still limitations.
"It's challenging," said Munsterman. She would know. In July, Munsterman, a Manassas officer, was hit by a car while on duty. 

But there's another thing she knows. "(Williams) has a lot of support." 

She says Williams may be down, but don't count him out.

"He does have a great spirit. He is such an awesome guy. He's still smiling, standing and his progression is doing so well," said Munsterman.

The road to recovery is going to be a long and difficult one but Williams has a very clear goal in mind: to get back on the street and back on duty. 

The K-9 officer said, slightly jokingly, mostly seriously, "After all, my dog needs me."


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