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Morning moment: Monika fixes Howard's collar mid forecast

8:51 AM, Nov 15, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Friday morning, Meteorologist Howard Bernstein was going through one of his weather forecasts as usual when traffic anchor Monika Samtani motioned to him off screen.

"Monika Samtani wants to come in for some reason," Howard said.

Monika then walked on camera with her arms reaching towards his shirt collar. "I just want to help you out," she said.

Monika started to fix his collar. "My jacket has been like that the whole time?" asked Howard.

"I tried to tell you," replied Monika.

Monika insisted she tried to tell him earlier. "You don't have to wait next time," said Howard. He turns back to the 7-day before saying, "Well, I'm not completely embarrassed just yet."

Viewer Whitney Rhone commented about the moment on our Facebook page:

"I have been watching WUSA9 for over 15 years. I remember when Topper would make pancakes in the morning. I'm posting today because it made me smile and remember why I watch when I saw Monica fix Howards collar in the middle of his weather report. The team has always seemed like a family. Gotta love the WUSA9 morning team!!!"

Thanks, Whitney! Oh, and Howard: it will be okay.

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