Annandale High School marching band kicked off field during halftime show by football coach

7:01 PM, Nov 14, 2013   |    comments
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ANNANDALE, Va. (WUSA9) -- An editorial published in a school newspaper at Annandale High School describing an incident where the marching band was kicked off the field during a football game, has gone viral.

The piece published in 'The A Blast', viewed nearly 300,000 times, details the halftime performance of the Annandale High School marching band on Friday November 8th, Senior Night at the football game.

With halftime winding down, and the band still on the field performing, the Annandale High School football coach was eager to get his players back on the field.

Some band parents, and many people commenting on the online editorial, suggest that he may have been too eager.

The coach began yelling for the band to get off the field, despite time still remaining on the halftime clock. The band did ultimately stop their performance short and exit the field.

This infuriated many students and parents who took to social media sites to vent their displeasure.

More than anything else, parents and students said they felt disrespected after working so hard on their band performance.

"We felt frustrated because this was our last night to perform so it was memorable but I guess it was kind of ruined it," said Jacqueline Rivas Linas, a member of the band.

She went on to describe the lack of appreciation and respect that band members get, compared to athletes, despite their hard work.

Annandale principal Vincent Randazzo sent the letter below home to the high school community.

Dear Annandale Community:

I want to provide you an update regarding the incident that occurred at last Friday night's football game. Annandale High School honored its senior football players, cheerleaders, dance team and marching band members at the game. My office this week has been investigating the series of events that occurred while the marching band performed at halftime. I am extremely concerned and dismayed with how this situation was handled by the participants. We have been following up with all of the parties involved and will take whatever appropriate action is deemed necessary. Coach Scott has
offered to apologize to the band members for his actions, which I believe is a necessary first step. I did meet with our Marching Atoms following the game and told them how proud the entire Annandale community is of their accomplishments this year and how they embody all that is great about Annandale High School. At that time, I apologized to the students for the interruption of their halftime performance honoring their seniors.

I want to take this opportunity to again apologize to our band members, band parents and the entire community for this incident. What happened shouldn't have happened and I regret that it has tarnished what should have been a night of celebration for our seniors.

We learn from our mistakes and we will move past this episode with a better understanding of the importance that mutual respect plays in our interactions with each other - students and staff members. I am very proud to be the principal of a school that has such talented students supported by a staff that is truly dedicated to helping our students achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Annandale High School.

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