Jade Jacobs says moms on Facebook bullied her baby girl's appearance

8:58 PM, Nov 12, 2013   |    comments
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WAYCROSS, Ga. -- Some are calling them "mean moms." They are mothers making fun of other people's children on social media.

First Coast News spoke to a local woman who said her "miracle baby" was part of some of some attacks.

Jade Jacobs said her 9-month old daughter, Journey, is her family's blessing.

"We lost a daughter 2 years ago that was 3 months old," Jacobs said. "So, this baby that God gifted us with is absolutely perfect and adorable in every single way."

Jade said she was hurt to learn that a photo of her baby appeared to be on the Facebook page of a woman selling baby clothing.

Jade told FCN the woman was a Facebook friend from whom she bought a dress for her daughter.

Jade said women on the page, whom she believes are mothers, mock and ridiculed not only her daughter, but also other children.

Jade said she became concerned after her sister told her about the Facebook page.

"It hurts. It hurts for her, the other babies that were on there," Jade said of her daughter.

On a screen shot of the page showing Jade's daughter, the alleged page's poster wrote "Another profile picture of all things."

Under another child's photo, the page's poster commented "...You can absolutely not fix ugly."

Under a different picture, a woman commented "An ugly baby thread...I have died and gone to heaven. Why can't you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails."


"These are mothers bullying babies," said Jade. "Babies that can't even talk."

Read the full story on First Coast Newshttp://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=334791


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