Dr. Michael Fauntroy: What does McAuliffe's win mean for Virginia, GOP?

4:20 PM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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(WUSA9) --- Democrat Terry McAuliffe has officially been elected Governor of Virginia as he beat out Republican Ken Cuccinelli yesterday.  However, many were surprised with how close the race actually turned out to be.  Today, the noon newscast welcomed Political analyst Doctor Michael Fauntroy from Howard University to discuss the results of the Virginia gubernatorial race. 

Terry McAuliffe began the race leading in the double digits. Then his results number slowly declined towards the end of the political face off. 

Dr. Michael Fauntroy said this pattern suggested both candidates were difficult to embrace by the voters.  He also proposed that the reason Cuccinelli ultimately lost the election was because voters associated him with the government shut down.  There were many people that held The Tea Party responsible for the actual shut down.

Meanwhile, Cuccinelli was against Obama Care from the very beginning, which made him the party's favorite candidate. 

All this information proves that whatever occurs during the immediate period before the election is vital to the overall outcome.  Many also believe that this election suggests that the state of Virginia is in a "purple" state of mind, but Doctor Michael Fauntroy feels that Virginia is in transition and it will eventually be a democratic state in about a decade.  

Dr. Fauntroy does not anticipate much change with Terry McAuliffe as governor, because the state is so divided at the moment.  Watch the rest of the interview above.  

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