Court Documents say JC Hayward received funds from Options charter school contractor

6:05 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - JC Hayward's side of the story is changing in a lawsuit alleging diverted funds from a DC charter school.

The longtime WUSA9 anchor originally told the station - and her attorney repeated in court papers - that she never got any money in the deal.

New court papers dispute that, and even her own attorney is backing off the claim - but calling the alleged amount "negligible."

Although JC Hayward hasn't returned reporter calls or made public explanations, the one thing she has said repeatedly is that she didn't benefit financially.

Monday, The Attorney General of the District of Columbia filed court documents disputing that and arguing Hayward should not be removed as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging school officials mishandled more than $3 million.

The court filings say the District received "information that Hayward was a paid consultant for Defendant Exceptional Educational Services (EES) at Options Public Charter School."

While JC was Chair of the board at Options Public Charter school on E St. Northeast, the lawsuit alleges officials at the school created the private contractor company, EES, and benefited from it themselves.

Originally, in court papers, her attorney wrote JC "did not profit at all from any of the alleged schemes." JC's attorney has since revised the filing, and removed that claim.

By phone, Haywards attorney wouldn't discuss specific payments, but said that "the amount of money was negligible," and that both school lawyers and the private company's "lawyers were consulted before any payments"

JC has been relieved of her duties at WUSA9 pending further investigation. In full disclosure, JC has served this station for decades and she's a friend of this reporter.

Her attorney, Jeffrey Jacobovitzis, has been a frequent unpaid legal analyst on WUSA9.

He's still waiting for a judge to decide his request to get JC's name removed from the lawsuit and continues to take the position that there is no evidence to suggest she participated or knew about any wrong doing.

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