Getting children mentally ready for school

6:39 AM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- So how do you get your children in the right mindset for the first day of school?  

Doctor Linda Gulyn, a psychology professor at Marymount University, had some tips.

Kids are going from a time of relatively unstructured, free time to the complete opposite. "I kind of like to suggest that parents do a little trial run maybe for a couple of days before school starts, practice going to bed a little bit earlier, getting up a little bit earlier, getting dressed and having a nice breakfast. But I think kids will ease back into it ... They resist it at first. In fact, a lot of kids do resist going back to school. Most kids will do fine in a few days. They'll be back in the groove," said Dr. Gulyn.

What are the first steps you can take to try to ease that transition?

Gulyn told us, "I'm a big believer asking your kids, what are the positives about going back to school? What are the 'not so' positives? What are you looking forward to? What's going to be a little tough? And acknowledge that. 

I also do want to say that some kids resisting school is sort of cool and sometimes it's pretty common. On the other hand, it's really important to sort of pay attention to the kid. If a child is really resisting going back to school or maybe that resistance or that dread of going back to school lasts a little bit longer, I think it's important to check in with the child, especially older kids, maybe preteen kids, high schoolkids, maybe something is going on."

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