Fla. baby, Michael Williams, dies after eating laundry pod

9:29 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
A warning label is attached to a package of Tide laundry detergent packets in Houston. The miniature detergent packets arrived on store shelves in recent months, touted as a solution to bulky bottles and messy spills. But doctors across the country say children are confusing the tiny, brightly colored packets with candy and swallowing them. (Photo: By Pat Sullivan, AP)
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(USA Today) -- A baby died in the Orlando area last week after eating a laundry detergent pod, according to news reports.

The 7-month-old died in Kissimmee after his mother was given the laundry pods at the battered-women's shelter where they were staying, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The mother had placed the pods in a laundry basket on a bed where she'd also placed the baby and she left the baby alone for a bit. When she returned, the baby, named Michael Williams, had completely eaten one pod and was starting on another.

The colorful pods with soft centers can easily be mistaken by young ones as candy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned.

The baby was rushed to Osceola Regional Medical Center, in Kissimmee, where his conditioned worsened and he was pronounced dead.

"The death of little Michael is a tragedy," Terri Durdaller, spokesperson for the Florida Department of Children and Families, said in an email to CNN. "It reminds all of us as parents (about) the dangers of leaving household cleaning supplies around our little ones."

The medical examiner will make the final determination on the baby's death, Durdaller said.

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