Let's Be Real: Anybody Can Do It with Hot Water

10:23 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- I was on vacation last week and turns out the home we had rented had no hot water in the upstairs shower.  

Therefore, I was forced to resort to what my brother and I as kids used to call, the All-Cold-o. The shower with no hot water and in between the goosebumps and shivers, I came up with my 5 reasons you too should take cold showers even if your hot water's working just fine. 

Reason number five: Just how manly are you? Here's a hint, Not very. If your natural response to the first touch of the all cold-o is a high pitched shriek. 

Reason number four: Cold showers conserves water. Believe me, there's no luxuriating. It's jump in, soap it up, rinse it down and get out. What do you mean 45 seconds isn't long enough to get everything  clean?  Which brings us to..

Reason number three: You will find out how badly you really want to be clean. Because after a hot day out on the beach sometimes a sponge bath in the sink just won't get the job done.  But when the all-cold-o is looming, suddenly you might be really tempted to give it a try. 

Reason number 2: If you don't have a heart condition or high blood pressure, the all-cold-o can be good for you. Raise testosterone, strengthen your immune system. Seriously.

But the number one reason to jump in to an all cold shower? 

It feels so darn good when you jump back out.

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