Facial uses bird poop as special ingredient in NY

7:52 AM, Aug 5, 2013   |    comments
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(CBS) -- There's a new facial in New York City that's billed as especially good for your skin.  You won't believe what people are paying $180 to put on their faces!

It looks like an ordinary facial but workers at Shizuka New York Day Spa add an unusual ingredient to this exfoliant made of powdered rice bran that's mixed with water. It's poop from nightingales.

Olivea Shure with the Shizuka New York Day Spa said, "It creates a very good product to cleanse the skin. And it's said it's because of the kinds of seeds that it feeds on."

It's part of the Geisha Facial, only offered in New York at this luxury spa.  Employees demonstrated it.

"It's been around for centuries. The geishas of ancient Japan used it to cleanse their face of the heavy makeup they would use," said Shure. 

Spa employees say the enzymes in the nightingale droppings help brighten the skin and make it glow. It tingles as you apply it.

Employees say it's not surprising people are turned off, but they stress the nightingale droppings are sterilized with UV lights and imported from Japan.

Of the 50 or so people who get the Geisha Facial every month, the spa says many of them are satisfied, returning customers.

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