Subway, Tackle Box, Sahara Prince of the Harbor, Carolina Kitchen and Kid Junction Cited

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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A popular Largo soul food restaurant with sewage, a Georgetown seafood café with rats, and a Capitol Hill sandwich shop puts up a fight with inspectors are part of this week's Restaurant Alert with Investigative Reporter Russ Ptacek

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Health inspectors temporarily closed Subway at 1540 North Capitol Street, NW;  Tackle Box at 3245 M Street, NW; Sahara Prince of the Harbor at 1042 Wisconsin Ave, NW; Carolina Kitchen at 800 Shoppers Way in Largo, Maryland; and, Kid Junction at 4090 E. Lafayette in Chantilly, Virginia. 

Since WUSA9's Russ Ptacek visited, all the restaurants have passed reinspection and are back in business.


At North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue in Northwest DC, health inspectors closed a Subway for what inspectors did not find. 

DC inspectors report the Subway wouldn't allow them to inspect at all.  The Subway manager said he didn't believe it was a real inspector.

In a statement, Manager Milan Hossain said, "I called the police to see if he was a health inspector or not.  I said show me your badge first.  He thought I should salute him.  I didn't do anything wrong."

Officials ordered the store closed for "Failure to allow DOH inspector to inspect" and "Obstructing [the] inspector in the performance of his duty." 

When Subway allowed an inspector in, he cited Subway for not having anyone with a certified DC food safety license.

When WUSA9 was there, we also found no one certified in food safety.


On M Street, NW in Georgetown, health inspectors closed Tackle Box citing 14 violations including rat droppings and flies throughout the establishment.

When we spoke to the owner of Tackle Box, she said she didn't consider the violations critical and didn't remember past violations.  WUSA9 obtained a cease and desist order for Tackle Box dated April, 2012 (


Also in Georgetown, inspectors closed Sahara Prince of the Harbor on Wisconsin Avenue citing 21 violations including frozen food at 45 degrees in a broken freezer and rat droppings.


In Largo, Maryland inspectors closed Carolina Kitchen on Shoppers Way for a sewage backup.  It created outrage on Russ Ptacek's Facebook page, reaching more than 36,000 and more than 400 shares.

Prince George's County Health Inspectors reported, "Employees were observed cooking food in the sewage backflow which was all over the front floor." 

The owner of Carolina Kitchen, Lance London, said the backup was kitchen sewage and not bathroom sewage and limited to a small area. 

London blamed the backup on a plumber clearing a dishwasher drain just as inspectors walked in. 

In a statement London said, "There's no way we could've stopped that from happening.  We would have closed but we didn't get a chance to.  To keep the environment safe and clean for the public is very important here."


In Chantilly, Virginia inspectors closed Kid Junction for improperly stored food, missing refrigerator thermometers, and not staffing anyone certified in food safety.

Kid Junction, Manager, Ronnecca Doranterrones said, "Five of us have not done the training for certified food manager.  We want to make sure that there is always somebody there that has the card."

Kid Junction showed us new thermometers; and, not only did Ms. Doranterrones show us her food safety certification, so did one manager after the other.

WUSA9 has never seen so many certified food manager cards in one location. That training is crucial.  Especially with children who experts put among the most vulnerable to food borne illness.

Since WUSA9 visited the above establishments, all of them have passed reinspection and are back in business.

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