Let's Be Real: There Is Some Privacy On The Web

11:03 PM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- It is truly the darkside of the world wide web. I buy a pair of sneakers and now it seems every webpage I get to has an ad for Adidas. Frankly, it's starting to creep me out.

But if this is the dark side of the internet, consider Brian Kinnesh a Jedi for your privacy. Sure, he looks like a 14-year-old but he's actually 34 and used to work for Google, writing the very software they use to track where you go and what you buy on the internet.

And even with all that expertise, Kinnesh told me even he wasn't sure just where all that information ends up. But he knew one thing: the process wasn't fair to regular folks like you and me.

So he quit Google and formed a tiny start-up called Disconnect. Their only product, a piece of software that blocks all those creeps tracking your online shopping habits. Kinnesh says he doesn't want to put the big boys out of business, just level the playing field a bit and make a profit.

Thing is, if you make your way over to his website disconnect. me - you'll find that all they are charging is whatever you're willing to pay. So far, business is - in Kinnesh's words - wildly exceeding our expectations.

Because let's be real, nobody really wants to be seduced by the dark side.

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