Pascal Tessier, Gay Boy Scout From Kensington Speaks Out Against Boy Scout's Ban On Gays

10:25 PM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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KENSINGTON, Md.  (WUSA) - The fate of young man in Kensington could soon become national news if the Boy Scouts of America kick him out. 

The 16 year old high school junior is gay.

He, along with many others, is speaking out publicly against the Boy Scout's longtime ban on gay Scouts and leaders. The organization is planning to reconsider the ban with a vote next month. 

Pascal Tessier is hoping he can convince the delegates to boot the ban instead of him.  

Boy Scouts has been a huge part of Tessier's life from Cub Scouts  on.  He's now close to completing the rigorous requirements for an Eagle Scout award, but his honesty may get him kicked out of the organization he loves.

"I've never been bulled for being gay," said Tessier.

He came out in the 8th grade, and says his fellow Scouts and leaders fully accepted him.

"My leaders who know me as a person are perfectly fine with it.  They know who I am, they recognize me as a person and know I'm worthy of being a Boy Scout," said Pascal.  

But now, as the Boy Scouts of America prepare to vote on whether to lift their ban on gays, Pascal has decided to speak out against it. He even helped organize a protest yesterday. "

"Boy Scouts teaches you to be honest and be yourself and be brace and outspoken and work on issues and come up with things assertively. And that's definitely what I feel I'm doing," said Pascal. 

Aaron Chusid, the spokesman for the National Capital Area Council headquartered in Bethesda said it's likely, now that Tessier has spoken out publicly about his homosexuality and demonstrated against the ban, that he'll soon receive a letter terminating his membership from Boy Scouts of America.

Pascal says that would be "devastating."  He said, "Even if the worst happens, I think it would still be worth to be able to speak out for people who can't."

His parents are fully supportive, just like they are with their older son Luccian, who is also gay and was a Boy Scout. But he came out after he received his Eagle Scout.

"Neither boy has announced their homosexuality to  Boy Scout's.  They have not used Boy Scouts as a platform to shout, 'I'm Gay,'" said Oliver Tessier, the boys' father.

He and his wife Tracie Felker say Pascal puts a face on the discriminatory policy.

"Scouting is reconsidering a critical decision at a time with society is advancing on this issue and realizing that it make no sense to exclude homosexuals anymore than it made sense to exclude  Blacks or women," said Oliver Tessier.  

The boys' mother Tracie Felker added, "We're not trying to destroy Boy Scouts, we're trying to build it.  We're trying to bring back the integrity that's been lost because of the ban on gay.  We're trying to restore Boy Scouts.

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