Henry Sanders, Serial Carjacker, From Landover, MD, Could Face Rest of Life In Prison

11:45 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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LANDOVER, Md. (WUSA9) -- They were brutal carjackings, all preying on elderly men, back in November, 2011, and now, 51-year-old Henry Sanders will most likely spend the rest of his life in jail. 

WUSA9 talked to the third of three known victims, Gustav or Gus Goldberger of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Goldberger's brutal carjacking nightmare started inside the Target store in Wheaton Westfield Plaza. Surveillance video shows Sanders seemingly stalking him. At one point, Goldberger is walking with a bag over his shoulder in one direction, then hesitates, and changes direction. 

Sanders sees the hesitation, and heads in that direction first. In the parking lot, the stealthy stalker watches the man in his late 70's heading towards his car. Sanders subtly pretends to go in the opposite direction, then doubles back. Moments later, prosecutors say Sanders roughed up and stabbed the former prosecutor, pushing him into his own car. 

Goldberger says the assault started when Sanders showed him a knife and asked him if he knew what it was, "I said 'yes,' then he said 'yeah, that's right, and don't you forget it and get in there.' That was the way it started. He hit me all over the face, my nose was a little broken, blood was coming out."

Goldberger said Sanders also stabbed him in his leg. Sanders drove off, with Goldberger huddled in the passenger seat, stopping at three ATMs, robbing the Silver Spring man of $1,800 total.

Goldberger said he didn't know how the nightmare would end, "I was lying there for close to an hour, I thought I was finished, there was no doubt in my mind that I was bleeding to death."

Ramon Korionoff, of the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office explains that Goldberger was the third of three victims that week. He said, "It was a spree, a holiday carjacking spree. This guy was a serial carjacker that took advantage of vulnerable victims, our elderly citizens, in Montgomery County."

During Goldberger's ordeal, was that he thought he was going to die. 

"I was lying there for close to an hour, I thought I was finished, there was no doubt in my mind that I was bleeding to death. All I could think about was my wife and my children, grandchildren."

Goldberger says Sanders finally left him in the car as it was still running and ran off. A bystander approached Goldberger and called police. Goldberger says he is feeling better, although the road to recovery has been long.

Sanders pleaded guilty on Wednesday of kidnapping, armed carjacking and 1st degree assault. Goldberger testified against him. He said it's been a tough experience to forget. "I hope that it never happen to you or to anybody else."

Sanders could spend up to 85 years in prison.

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