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Alex Amico: West Potomac's Award-Winning Sportscaster

10:35 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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Story & Reporting by Diane Roberts, WUSA 9

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA 9) -- Fairfax County high school senior, Alex Amico is a Wolverines football player. He says he loves the team aspect of the game, but he also plays rugby -- a sport most popular in New Zealand.

"When you play sports, you have to focus only on the task at hand," said Alex.

But Alex doesn't just play sports on the fields of West Potomac High School. He also talks about them, on TV. He's a student broadcaster for the Wolverines, talking sports every day on WPTV, the school's system for televised morning announcements.

Alex is so good at the thing he loves, he won an award for it, a superior rating in the broadcast division of the 2012 National Scholastic Press Association contest. He was the only one in the country to receive that medal.

"To me, it was a real confidence builder in terms of my pursuing it as a career," said Alex, who's known around school as Mr. West Potomac.

His classmates and teachers expect Alex to do great things in his future broadcasting career. But how does he see it playing out?

"I'd like to cover rugby in New Zealand, I think that would be awesome ... and then come back and cover rugby in the United States."

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