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Firefighters Awarded For Saving 3 Teens Stranded In Water

11:34 AM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
  • courtesy: Mark Brady
  • courtesy: Mark Brady
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SPRINGDALE, Md. (WUSA) -- A group of firefighters have received the top award for their teamwork saving the lives of three teenagers, say Prince George's County Fire officials.

Spokesperson Mark Brady says firefighters, paramedics and technical rescue team members got a "Unit Citation"on Monday for saving three teen boys from the Anacostia River underneath the 38th Street Bridge on June 1, 2012. According to Brady, the boys were stranded in the middle of the river and in danger of being taken by fast rising flood water. They also faced the danger or hypothermia and injury from debris.

The rescue team used the aerial from Truck 801 to lower a rescuer down to the victims. They then used a haul system to bring them back up, according to Brady. 

According to Brady, "An additional hazard was the large hydraulics that was created because of the construction of the bridge. This made it nearly impossible to access the victims via the shoreline. With the help of the manpower off Truck 801 and Engine 855, TR 806's crew was able to utilize this haul system to remove the three patients from the hazardous situation." 

The boys were taken to Children's Hospital.

Here is the list of people awarded on Monday:

Incident Command:

Assistant Fire Chief Paul J. Cruz
Technical Services Battalion Chief Steven E. White
Volunteer Battalion Chief 884 Brandon Frieder
Paramedic Lieutenant Earnestine A. "Tina" Fitzgerald

Technical Rescue 806 - St. Josephs:

Fire Lieutenant Richard J. Brushwood
Fire Fighter Glenn "Travis" Lambert
Fire Fighter/Medic Joseph C. Ford
Fire Fighter/Medic Alexander H. Myers
Fire Fighter/Medic Robert J. Blevins III

Fire/EMS Station 849 "Swift Water Rescue" - Laurel Rescue:

Volunteer Chief Mark Arsenault
Deputy Volunteer Chief Rich Takacs
Assistant Volunteer Chief Clyde Williams
Volunteer Fire Fighter Charles O'Donnell
Volunteer Fire Fighter Richard Muse

Volunteer Marine Division - Company 857:

Volunteer Member Mark Adkins
Volunteer Member Doug Gazzale

Fire/EMS Station 801 - Hyattsville:

Volunteer Fire Fighter - Eric Smolinski
Volunteer Fire Fighter Lawler Whitman
Volunteer Fire Fighter Matt Lauria
Volunteer Fire Fighter Pat Williams
Volunteer Fire Fighter Josh Murphy
Volunteer Fire Fighter Ivan Lawit
Volunteer Fire Fighter Robert Ridley
Volunteer Fire Fighter Henry Sullivan

Fire/EMS Station 855 - Bunker Hill:

Fire Lieutenant Falanda Reed
Fire Fighter/Medic Andrew C. Rohrbaugh
Fire Fighter/Medic Curtis L. Chase
Fire Fighter Monica M. Yates
Volunteer Fire Fighter Tony George
Volunteer Fire Fighter D'Angelo Cooper

Fire/EMS Station 844 - Paramedics - Chillum:

Fire Fighter/Medic Sean E. Simmons
Fire Fighter/Medic Nathan N. Davies

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