Bradley Cooper Visits DC; Talks about Bi-Polar Disorder

10:19 PM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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Bradley Cooper nominated for actor in a leading role for Silver Lining Playbook

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Actor Bradley Cooper was in Washington Friday.

This was no red carpet affair.

Actor Bradley Cooper has found a new role in real life as advocate for mental health awareness.

'Silver Linings Playbook' portrays a bipolar man played by Cooper. The movie deals with the complex issue of mental illness and the relationships that are impacted.

From the red carpet in L.A. to Northwest, DC, Bradley Cooper appeared as a panelist before a crowd at 'the Center for American Progress.'

"I had the privilege of going from ignorant, to empathy and now I can take action, the little action I can take. This is triage right now. We have to address this for our vets."

The actor went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Thursday night, and says his visit was magical. He realizes the need for mental health and healing is enormous.

"You could see last night, they're starving, starving for some sort of acknowledgement, some sort of belonging."
Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, left Congress to launch his own organization focusing on mental illness.

Kennedy says, "we have a tsunami, a public health issue with these returning veterans. We need to make sure we embrace them when they come back home. I thank God, at this time, in this discussion that we have a movie that begins to humanize these illnesses by addressing them as you and me."

Some in the crowd just wanted a glimpse at the former People magazine's 'sexiest man' alive, but the subject was far from glamorous.

Bradley Cooper, realizing his star power and Silver Linings Playbook have the impact far beyond the big screen.

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