Holiday Travel Tips For Parents

2:21 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND (WKYC) -- We're quickly coming up on the busiest travel time of the year and that can mean big headaches for travelers -- especially for parents of young kids!

Chris Snider is a frequent flyer himself, but this time around, he's charting new territory with his 3-year-old.

"It's the first time I've traveled with my son. It's going good so far. He's being calm," Snider said.

But as parents know all to well, that calm can quickly turn to chaos.

Kathleen Poe is traveling with her husband and two children. While her girls are now older, she knows how unhappy people are as soon as they spot a child on a plane.

"A lot of people cringing when people with small children and babies get on a plane," Poe said.

Dr. Richard So, with Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital, has been on the receiving end of that irritation.

"Three men in business suits were tapping, tapping, tapping. What's going on?" So said.

Through trial and error, he's found what works. Whether you're flying or driving, the most important tip: Make sure your child is traveling on a full stomach.

"It's kind of contrary to what you think, is that, "Oh, I'm not going to feed my kid because they'll puke everywhere." It's the other way around," said Dr. So.

Dr. So says kids get more nauseous on an empty stomach.

And if you're flying, make sure you give your child something to drink during takeoff and landing.

"That's when adults, we chew gum to release our ears. Babies should be sucking. When the baby is sucking, they're equalizing the pressure," So explained.

That bottle will also help lull your baby to sleep. Happy passengers. Happy parents.

"It was definitely a learning curve," Poe said.

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