Monkey With Coat Spotted In Ikea In Toronto, Canada

8:38 AM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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A monkey was loose at Toronto Ikea on Sunday. (Courtesy: CBC News/Bronwyn Page)

TORONTO (WUSA) -- You may have seen a lot of things when you go out shopping, but probably nothing this bizarre: a monkey in a coat hanging out at IKEA in Canada.

CBC News reports that shoppers spotted a monkey wearing a shearling coat and diapers on Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of a Toronto Ikea store. Police said that the monkey somehow got out of its crate inside the car and made its way into the parking lot.

Once the staff was alerted about the monkey, they called animal control and confined it. 

The owners were reportedly in the store and were later reunited with their monkey.

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