Clay David Wills Died After Crashing Into A Metrobus In Seat Pleasant, Md.

11:28 AM, Oct 21, 2012   |    comments
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BOWIE, Md. (WUSA) -- Waveney Blackman, the grandmother of 22-year-old Clay David Wills tries to figure out how to move forward with out her right hand man in life and in business.

"I'm empty. I raised him from a baby. There's a hole in my heart, I didn't give him life, I didn't birth him but I took him from when he was a baby. He's my only grandchild and I was grooming him to run my business. I love you Clay."

Blackman had hoped Clay would one day run her healthcare business but instead she has to explain to his one and three year old children their father is gone.

Police say Wills and another driver were drag racing down Central Avenue near Soper Lane in Seat Pleasant around 9:45 Friday night.

"He walked out of here last night about 8:30 full of life, laughing, his little girl sitting in this chair with me. I said, why don't you stay here with this child?"

Had he made that choice to stay home, Wills car would not have ended up slamming into a Metro bus as it a made a left turn on Soper Road.

Trinidad Jackson says, "everybody speeds. Even buses speed."

The second driver lost control, hitting a street sign, but survived.

The Metro bus was carrying roughly 45 passengers. 8 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police say both speed and alcohol were factors in the deadly crash. People in this area say parts of Central Avenue are known for street racing. Wills' grandmother says she didn't know her son to be involved in reckless behavior.

And so it would be a choice, making a trip to Chuckie Cheese with his daughter one of the last joyous moments.

A last picture of taking her to school.

A last family photo.

"Kiss your children. Never leave the house without a kind word with them because you never know. I never knew it was my final farewell."

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