Students at Central High School in Capitol Hts., Md. react to shooting death of classmate Markell Ross

4:59 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (WUSA) - It was a sad day at Central High School in Capitol Heights, Md. on Tuesday morning. Students were crying after learning their classmate, Marckel Ross, 18, was shot to death while walking to school. Grief counselors were made available. Some students were so grief-stricken they had to go home.

"Everything was depressing, sad. Heads down. Can't really say much," explained Malik Lyons, a 12th grader at Central.

After school, a grandparent who was picking up her granddaughter was speechless, having just heard the news . She changed her plans.

Markell Ross was a well-known 11th grader at Central High School.

"He was good, friendly, wasn't mean. My guess is somebody was beefing with him...I guess they didn't like him and they wanted to kill him. I guess they had so much anger that they wanted to kill him," said John Thomas, who was a friend of Ross.

Even though Ross's mother told 9 News she thought her son had been bullied and had had a hard time fitting in after moving to the area, students told WUSA9 that they never saw Ross bullied.

Randy Yearby said, "He was one of the most popular people in school." When asked if he any idea why this might've happened Yearby said, "Maybe people were jealous about his popularity."

Kenneth Cooper had missed school and hadn't heard about the shooting. He was stunned. "It's terrible that something like this can happen. Such a young age, and so early in the morning. I could've been just walking to school and it could've happened to me, it could've happened to anybody else."

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