Let's Be Real: 5 Reasons To Feel Good About The Redskins' Win Over The Saints

10:53 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - After Sunday's big win over the New Orleans Saints, the next big battle for Redskins fans is to keep their emotions in check.

You all really need to calm down, but not too much.
It's just one game and anyone can have one good day, Right? Well here's five reasons to keep feeling good about Sunday's big win, at least until next Sunday.

Reason number 5: It was the Saints, 2010 Superbowl champs-quarterback Drew Brees. In other words, not slouches, and the Skins whupped them in New Orleans where they hadn't lost a game since year before last.

Reason number 4: Raw athleticism. .RG3 made some plays Sunday, including a particularly spectacular scramble and pass to tight end Fred Davis, that some might think were far beyond the powers of mortal man.

Reason number 3: RG3's good judgement. One of the most impressive plays of the day was a two yard loss when Griffin, out of options, just went down. Live to make another play and no crazy turnover trying make something out of nothing.

Reason number 2. Coaching. Mike Shanahan gets heat for not tailoring his offense to his players but Sunday, Griffin was clearly in a comfort zone, early on running exclusively out of the shotgun, including option-style running plays. It worked brilliantly.

And the number one reason to stay excited about these Redskins: the whole freakin' team. Some brand new big play receivers, a devastating front seven on defense, and long snapper who played most of the game yesterday with a broken arm. Let's be Real: I'm not buying Super Bowl tickets just yet, but I did notice, it's in New Orleans.

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