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Lillian Peterson of Falls Church,Va., says rabid beaver that attacked her 'came out of nowhere'

5:31 PM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WUSA) -- Eighty-three-year-old Lillian Peterson returned home Thursday after being attacked by a rabid beaver.

Peterson had gone for a half mile swim at Barcroft Lake like she often does, when the beaver came out of nowhere.

"He wanted a part of me, that's what he wanted. The animal jumped on me. He hit me so hard it knocked me over and started chewing on my leg. All I wanted was to get rid of the g** damn thing and that was it," said Peterson.

Peterson agrees that she's quite feisty and she wasn't going down without a fight.

She calls it the beaver from hell. She started beating it with her walking stick. She says if it weren't for her friend who was nearby she may not be alive.

"He's the one who saved my life. There's no two ways about it."

Lillian: 83 years old, active swimmer, self-proclaimed workaholic and now survivor of beaver attack.

She's quick to point out: "I'm also the only member of the Board of Realtors who's been a member of multimillion dollar sales club for 45 consecutive years. No one has done it and no one will."

The take away from said beaver attack? She'll never swim in the lake again.

"I'll resort to swimming in the pool, which I hate, but I'll do it."

Lillian has several more rounds of rabies shots.

She can't wait to get back to selling houses as a realtor.

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