Nicole Cooley of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, calls graphic images of aborted fetuses displayed on trucks rolling across Northern Va., 'the truth'

8:11 PM, Aug 13, 2012   |    comments
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SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) - The reason trucks with graphic images of aborted fetuses are rolling through Springfield and Leesburg,  has everything to do with Virginia's status as an electoral swing state.

Why would anybody want to drive around a truck displaying pictures of aborted fetuses?

"This is the truth. And the truth isn't pretty. And if this is okay, than it should be okay to put pictures of it out there," said Nicole Cooley.

Cooley says she regrets the abortion she had after being raped while she was serving in the military. The experience led her to work for CBR, the Center for Bio-ethical reform, an anti abortion organization that uses graphic images.

But some say the pictures are too disturbing for public display. On our WUSA9 Facebook page, Amanda Reyes says, "I don't want my children seeing this."

 Karrie Underwood says, "It's sick."

 Barbara Sanders says, "People die horrendous deaths everyday, but we do not display this for children to see. Does not matter if it is truth or not. Do not subject children to your graphic protests, no matter what the issue! Use some commonsense."

But abortion opponents think the rolling billboard is a good idea. Claire Gardner says "These pro lifers are showing the truth of what abortion does. It is tough to explain to kids because it is the gruesome murder of an unborn baby. And most kids get that it's killing a baby no matter what a parents views are."

Nicole Cooley says the bus tour is a part of a voter education campaign in the swing states. "We're focusing in four key states, Virginia, Florida, Iowa and Colorado to education voters about what abortion is and to raise visibility about this important issue in the election."

Supporters of abortion rights agree that the issue of abortion needs to be asked of our political candidates. But the head of the Falls Church Healthcare Center questions the CBR's tactics.

Rosemary Codding said, "It surprises me that you can, from eBay, you can go ahead and do a donation to this purported charitable organization even though they are doing political activity which is totally against the IRS code."

Fletcher Armstrong, the CBR's director of the South East region tells nine news they don't support any political candidate and that their voter education campaign is perfectly legal.

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