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Virginia Voters React To The Romney-Ryan Ticket

7:16 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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ARLINGTON, (WUSA) -- Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin is virtually unknown to many Virginia voters.

Experts have said Romney has few paths to victory without winning Virginia. They say this decision may not have a large impact in the tight race in the Commonwealth.

Ryan will appeal to fiscal conservatives because he knows the country's budget inside and out. In fact some are calling him the anti-Palin pick.

George Mason Political Analyst Jeremy Mayer says Romney's VP choice was a smart move, but one that may not win the battleground state of Virginia.

"He is substance, substance, substance. Some Virginia republicans tonight are saying awww shucks, we could have had a slightly easier November. He's not a national figure. What this does, is say Romney will run on big ideas."

Independent voters in Virginia have mixed feelings.

"It's time to exercise some restraint in our spending policies and Ryan's plan seems to be a good idea," Tim Hinman says.

Sheri Nassikas is also an independent Virginia voter: "I voted for Obama last time. I was very disappointed. It's definitely moving me to the Romney side."

But another voter is not impressed.

"Is that the best he could do, really?"

Ryan is the architect of the GOP's budget proposal, often referred to as Ryan's Plan. It includes deep cuts and has garnered controversy over the plan to overhaul Medicare.

"The downside is that the democrats are already writing attack ads that say his plan kicks grandma into the street. I think there is some truth to the attacks. Ryan's plan is radical. The positive is that Paul Ryan can sell a radical plan with a warm midwestern smile," Mayer says. 

Norman Hill is another independent voter on the fence. "I want to see what he has to say. I'm not against the austerity measures, the question is which ones are going to benefit the most people."

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