Redskins Jordan Black Consuming 7,000 Calories A Day

12:29 PM, Aug 2, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Most of you don't know who Jordan Black is.

The Redskins newest 32-year-old offensive lineman was signed by the team last week, adding some extra competition to an already wounded offensive line.

The 10-year NFL veteran -- most notably with the Chiefs from 2003-2006 -- was out of football during the entire 2011 season.

"I was just hanging out, taking care of my kids, enjoying life," Black said.

As a result, the Notre Dame alum lost a bunch of weight. Like a ton. In fact, right now, Black looks closer to a tight end than he does a right guard.

"I won't even share how much I weighed coming in," said Black, half-jokingly.

It's no secret that Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan likes his offensive lineman lighter than most coaches. But Washington has asked Black to weigh somewhere in the range of 290-295 pounds by the end of preseason.

That puts Black on a schedule of 7,000 calories per day. Unfathomable. An example of his gluttony will make you full just by reading it.

Dinner on Wednesday night for Black consisted of three chicken breasts, one half-pound of potatoes, four peanut butter cookies, several glasses of chocolate milk, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and an ice cream bar.

"The key actually has been the snacks in between," said Black. "Gatorade protein shakes have 350 calories. A bag of peanuts, which is another 300 calories."

"Oh, it is very uncomfortable. After dinner and lunch, I feel like a slug,"said Black, who has gained seven pounds so far.

Thursday is a big test for all players, who will be putting pads on for the first time this summer. But Jordan Black may need this practice time more than any player on the Redskins roster.

"I get to see where my body is. I haven't played the game in about a year."

"The bright side is that I don't have to get up to 310 pounds to play in this scheme,"said Black.

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