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RGIII: Tweeting Will Stop Once The Season Starts

7:34 AM, Jul 26, 2012   |    comments
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ASHBURN, Va. (WUSA) -- In April, Robert Griffin III was relatively new to Twitter. A few days before the NFL Draft, this is what the Redskins quarterback told me about his use of social media.

"Whenever I [tweet] something, it's not scripted. It's something that I'm just feeling in that moment. But I know it can impact a lot of people," spoke Griffin about his influence. "So I just make sure I'm not on there talking about my personal life or things like that. It's all about what do my fans needs to hear."

At the end of our interview session in April, Griffin made it clear that he wouldn't be using the media outlet once the 2012 season began. On Wednesday, he confirmed those remarks.

"We don't plan losing that many games, but you can't tweet when you win, and not tweet when you lose, so you might as well not tweet all together," Griffin told the media at Redskins Park.

You have to wonder if Griffin's various sponsors (Gatorade, Adidas etc.) as well as his agent have consulted him about this Twitter shutdown. The quarterback is closing in on 270,000 followers. But if Griffin sticks to his serious football tone he reiterated on Wednesday, this tweet stoppage seems to fit the bill.

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