Safe Kids Worldwide Says Practice Hot Car Safety

10:15 PM, Jul 17, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- It may not feel like a scorching temperature, but a child can die of heat stroke on a 72 degree day if left in a hot car.

And on days when the temperature is going to be close to 100, the chances of an unintentional tragedy are considerably higher.

Kate Carr, President of Safe Kids Worldwide, says there are three ways this life-threatening accident can happen. 

"One, a driver or parent can forget that they put the child in the car.  Their routine might be different, and they simply forget.  It's completely unintentional.

Second, a child can get into the car on their own.  Kids love to pretend that they are driving.  They get in, get trapped and can't get out of the vehicle.

And lastly, is when someone intentionally leaves a child in a car.  They might be running an errand thinking I just got the baby to sleep.  It's just a second.  They're gone longer than they expect and the temperature is hotter than what they anticipated."

Earlier today, we put a thermometer in a car.  The temperature at the time was 98.6 degrees.  And, more than an hour later the temperature reads almost 148 degrees. 

Kate Carr says, "That's pretty incredible if you think about it.  We've all opened a door when a car has been parked in a hot lot and we feel how hot that is. 

So for heat stroke in kids, if you've left your child in that back seat in that car seat and the temperature is going up like this, 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes or more, that child is going to have severe problems.

To learn more on the dangers of child heatstroke campaign click here.

Their body temperature is going up to a 104 degrees.  Their internal organs are going to shut down.  And, at 107 degrees children die."

Safe Kids Worldwide offers three simple things you can do to avoid this situation from happening.

Tips To Prevent Hyperthermia

Never leave a child alone

Create a reminder, put something in the back seat

Download free iPhone "Baby Reminder" App

Take action, call 911 if you're walking by a car and see a child sitting in a hot car

Safe Kids Car Safety Basics

"Emergency responders are trained to handle the situation.  They'll send help and can possibly save the life of a child," Kate Carr says.

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