5 Jobs To Consider If You're Switching Careers

6:24 AM, Jul 10, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Second careers or so-called "encore" careers have become increasingly popular. They are a way to re-imagine ourselves -- and a way to deal with careers that simply vanished in the Great Recession. Approximately, 9 million people have found new livelihoods after turning 50. So, which jobs are recommended as "encore" opportunities?

AOL boiled down a list and here are the top 5 jobs that are considered ideal for those looking for a second career:

1. A Marketing Analyst. Median annual pay for this position is over $56,000. The higher-end jobs may require a master's degree.

2. A Home Care Nurse. Median annual pay is over $62,000. A background in health care is required.

3. A Dental Hygienist.  Annual salary is approximately $67,000 and a background in health care is necessary.

4. A Software Developer. Median annual pay is over $72,000 and a background in computer science or a bachelor's degree may be required.

5. A Supply Chain Consultant. These consultants work with companies and organizations to design methods of moving products from the supplier to the consumer. Average pay is almost $96,000 per year and a background in finance or business and a bachelor's degree may be required.

As you can imagine, retraining is probably necessary to make these moves. Here's the payoff: there are a lot of these jobs available and salary outlooks are strong.

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