Teen Injured By Downed Power Line, Family Frustrated By Pepco Response

10:23 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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ASPEN HILL, Md. (WUSA) -  Stories continue to emerge about PEPCO's handling of storm related damage, including some potentially dangerous situations in our area, and many residents are critical of Pepco's communications with their customers. 

Downed trees and power lines still dot the landscape, and in Aspen Hill, one family is left shaking its head.

Fifteen-year-old Faivel Cohen's neck bears horrifying scars. The developmentally challenged teen was riding his bike along an Aspen Hill sidewalk yesterday when a dangling power line caught him by the neck and flung him backwards off his bike.

His father Jeffrey Cohen says, " A scar is one thing, but electrocution could be a completely different story."

Remarkably, when his father called PEPCO to alert them to the dangerous situation, they asked him for the account information of the homeowner closest to the downed wire.

Jeffrey Cohen said, " I didn't know who lived there. What the account information was. They said without that, we can't take a report. Which I was astounded at, because they tell us in the newspapers and on TV and on the radio, don't approach a downed line. Call Pepco."

Jeffrey Cohen was further outraged to learn the downed wire had been reported to Pepco on Saturday and the ticket had been closed out on Monday, without a repair.

"They actually told me to find a lawyer to take it up with them."

Faivel's back still bears the scars of road burn. His helmet is cracked, his bike brake disconnected and a pedal, broken. His father is furious.

"Extremely upset. Very frustrated with their indifferent response to it and their lackadaisical comment about go see a lawyer," Jeffrey Cohen.

Today that downed wire is marked with tape and an orange barrel. That's because Mr. Cohen called the non-emergency number of Montgomery County Police, who sent him to the Fire Department, which met him on the scene within 20 minutes of his call.

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