Let's Be Real: Power Struggle?

10:43 PM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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The power companies have let us down. That seems to be general sentiment from a lot of Washington area residents, frustrated because it's taken so long to get the lights back on for so many.

But tonight, I'd argue some of our political leadership isn't doing much better. How many times have we been through this before? Friday is just not good enough.That was DC mayor Vince Gray--outraged that Pepco is not fixing our power faster. Same for the Montgomery County executive Ike Leggett, who said of the Friday deadline, "I will not accept the timetable of July the 6th."
Really? Because frankly I'm not sure exactly what that means. Would you have accepted July 5th?

But it all sounds nice and angry, though, which I'm sure is really the point, right? Politicians making sure everyone knows they're just as mad about this as any regular joe.

Problem is, how mad should we regular joes and janes really be? Do we really know how much better Pepco should be doing under these circumstances? Look, Pepco reliability has been on the decline for years.

This is truly a catastrophe. And if my power was still out, I'd be plenty frustrated. Still, shouldn't we expect our leaders to be the grownups in the room? Pressuring the power company, sure, but urging the rest of us to stay calm since getting hot and bothered won't bring the power back any faster

 To my mind that energy would be much better spent exploring exactly what went wrong this time, slapping Pepco with another fine if we need to, and battening down the hatches for the next one.

Because let's be real: when something like this comes our way, another round of table pounding outrage won't help anybody.

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