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Suzette and Michael McGrann, Melissa Matthews of Arlington, Va., grateful for near misses by massive falling trees

11:08 PM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) - Had Friday's storm come through an hour later, Suzette and Michael McGrann may not have survived. A huge oak tree crashed right through their bedroom and destroyed much of their home.

"Our first thought was 'Our girls'  They were still sleeping in their beds. They slept through the whole thing," said Suzette.

Their girls' bedrooms are upstairs , thankfully on the other side of the house.

"I ran up upstairs barefoot. There was glass everywhere. It was mess. Pictures were down all over."

Michael and Suzette scooped up their girls and had to run back downstairs because the front door was blocked. They called 911 but couldn't get through.

They called their neighbors who had not heard the tree fall. The neighbors came to help the McGranns

"We literally ran out of the house with the clothes on our back. There was no time to grab shoes," said Suzette.

While their loss is severe, they're know it all can be replaced. That's how Melissa Matthews feels after she narrowly missed getting speared by a tree branch. She'd just gotten up off the couch to look outside at the wind, when a huge branch came crashing through her roof, right where she was sitting.

She ran upstairs, where her 3 year old daughter was crying. The tree had smashed the window and sent shards of glass throughout the room. Her daughter was untouched.

Both families understand people are upset about not have power back, but they have a new perspective.

"Tell them to come here and I'll trade places with them in a heart beat!" said Suzette McGrann

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