LIST: Power Out, Roads Closed In Md.

3:42 PM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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TAKOMA, Md. (WUSA) -- Takoma police gave 9 News Now the following road closure and traffic light outage list  Tuesday afternoon:

  • Flower Ave at Carroll Ave, no power, no traffic signal.
  • Lincoln Ave at Carroll to Maple is closed due to a tree in roadway and wires down (201 to 211 Carroll Ave).
  • Commercial establishments in the 8000 Blk of Flower Ave without power.
  • Street lights out in the area of Maple Ave at Sherman Ave.
  • Commercial establishments in the 7600 Blk of Maple Ave are without power.
  • #4 to 49 Jefferson Ave, no power.
  • All of Freemont Ave, no power.
  • Erie Ave closed due to large tree down across roadway. No Power from 701 to 729 Erie Ave.
  • Traffic light adjacent to Wilkerson Hall on W/A University Campus out of service.
  • 807 to 910 Davis Ave, no power.
  • 7211-7504 Flower Ave, no power.
  • 700 Blk Chaney Ave, no power.
  • 700 to 912 Jackson Ave, no power.
  • 7111 to 7611 Garland Ave, no power.
  • 7700 to 7800 Garland Ave, no power.
  • 7200 Blk of Minter Ave, no power.
  • 7200 to 7311 Trescot Ave, no power.
  • 716 to 726 Maplewood Ave, no power.
  • 7100 to 7600 Central Ave, no power.
  • Unit Blk Palmer Ave, no power.
  • 7711-7725 Greenwood Ave, no power.
  • 7500 to 8011 Carroll Ave, no power.
  • Auburn and Elm Ave, large tree limb in roadway.
  • 905 Elm Ave, large tree limb blocking fire hydrant and part of roadway.
  • Elm Ave at Larch Ave, large tree limb in intersection.
  • Merwood at New Hampshire Ave no working traffic lights.
  • New Hampshire Ave at Sligo Creek Pkwy no working traffic lights.
  • 1107 Lancaster Road large tree branch blocking roadway - enough room for one car to go by.
  • Long Branch and Carroll Ave no traffic lights.
  • Entire neighborhood of Garland, Trescott, Davis, Minter, Central and Flower Ave, power is out.
  • The intersection of Carroll Ave @ Long Branch, traffic light is out.
  • The power is out along Boston Ave and Piney Branch Rd.
    New York Ave between Buffalo and Takoma Ave, power is out.

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