Residents Start Fourth Night Without Power

10:48 PM, Jul 2, 2012   |    comments
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SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA) --- Three was enough. Dennis Avenue resident Andrew Eshman slept in his sweltering home Friday night, endured Saturday with no electricity or air conditioning, slept there on Saturday night, went through the same routine Sunday and Sunday night, and by Monday evening had had enough.

"My friend, who owns the house, has left, and so has my roommate. I'm about to leave right now for my friend's house in Virginia because they have power and we don't, and it's been so hot staying inside I just have to go somewhere where their is air conditioning because it's just unbearable," he told 9News Now as he packed to leave.

He's puzzled by the lengthy amount of time it is taking to make repairs.

"I used to live in South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida and we used to have a lot of tropical storms that come through and we never had power outages that were this bad. It's just shocking. I don't know why it has been taking so long just to
get the power on today, back up and running," Eshman said.

Leaving Eshman's home, you can hear the sound of a generator that neighbor Dave Mann, the father of two small girls, is using to provide some relief. It isn't solving all of the family's problems, however.

"It's been hot. It's been a big hassle. It's been repeated trips to gas stations to get gas to fill up the generator, only to find a huge line or find that a gas station doesn't have power, or doesn't have a working credit card machine or is just out of gas or is out of the grade that I'm there to get," Mann said.

As his two small girls waded in a plastic pool in the front yard, 9News Now asked Mann's wife Anke if she had any words for their power company, PEPCO.

"There is really nothing that I can say that I would like to say on tv," she responded.

"It's been three whole days and it has been very hot and I'm not very happy," she added.

"The worst part is the night because it's hard to sleep for anybody but if you're three or four (years old), it's even harder to understand why you have to sleep in these conditions," she said, adding that her little girls get up about every 20 minutes at night.

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