Mayor Vincent Gray of Washington, D.C., says he remains focused on the job despite distraction of federal probe into campaign

10:01 PM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Will DC Mayor Vincent Gray survive the federal probe into his campaign? Will he seek re-election?

Despite all the speculation and rumors, Gray is headed to China this weekend seeking new investments and business for the District.  He told 9News Now's Bruce Johnson that he remains focused on the job.

Gray angrily responded to a question late yesterday which appeared to be based on rumor that his health was failing. Fact is Mayor Vincent Gray this week has had a busy schedule that included the dedication of a new library in his Ward seven home base.

And beginning this weekend he leads a delegation of private and public leaders on a ten day trip to China:

Privately staffers say the Mayor has heard all the rumors since two of his former campaign aides took guilty leas in the federal probe of the Gray campaign.

Those same staffers say Gray has made clear he wants his administration focused on city business--and business compared to other U-S cities seems good:

He doesn't appear to be driven by public perception. Gray stands by his decision to hire Michael kelly as his new housing director. This after the married Kelly was caught in a sex sex scandal with a staffer at the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

DC Council members appear set to approve Kelly's nomination.

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