The National Zoo Asks Fans To Name First Baby Howler Monkey

1:42 PM, Jun 18, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) - The Smithsonian's National Zoo is asking for your help in naming its first Black Howler monkey baby.

Starting Monday, the Zoo will have a poll on its Facebook page where fans can vote for their favorite name selected by the Zookeepers.

The four names were based on the baby's traits, personality, and characteristics.

The names are listed below:

  • Sumaq: Name means "beautiful" in the Quechua language. 
  • Orejas: Spanish for "ears". 
  • Nando: Short for Fernando, "Nando" is a popular name meaning "courageous."
  • Loki: is the Norse mythological god of mischief.

Voting ends this Friday, and the Zoo will announce the winning name soon after 12 p.m. on Facebook!

Check out the PHOTOS of The National Zoo's first Black Howler monkey baby, which can be found in The Small Mammal House.

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