Let's Be Real: Where's The Opposition?

11:05 PM, Jun 6, 2012   |    comments
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Today we learned that yet another DC politician has fallen victim to his own decrepit morals and an aggressive federal prosecutor.

But there's perhaps another culprit DC residents really ought to think about.

It's called one party rule. DC government has been in the hands of the Democratic Party ever since home rule began in 1973. A party so dominant the city charter sets aside to two council seats for non-Democrat members, which have most always been held by Democrats who changed party affiliation just to hold office.

The problem is not the Democratic party itself, but the lack of any credible opposition.

Current council members are sad to see their colleagues enveloped in scandal .But personally I'd like a viable opposition party publicly reflecting your outrage.

Remember 1994? Democrats had been running the House of Representatives for four decades--corrupt and out of ideas.

hey deserved to lose to Newt Gingrich and his Republican Contract with America. Democrats had to lick their wounds.

and come back stronger. Interestingly, local Republican Tim Day got only 6 percent of the vote when he challenged now disgraced DC Councilman Harry thomas in 2010, but he's the one who tipped off the authorities to Thomas' $350-thousand swindle. A good opposition party's job is to take you down when you slip up. It makes you better, perhaps even helps keeps you honest.

Let's Be Real--DC is a Democratic town. And I know many of us will never want to see GOP candidates taking down your elected leaders. But you gotta admit, that's better than watching a prosecutor do it.

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