Washington, D.C. Council chairman Kwame Brown resigns hours after being charged with bank fraud

5:44 PM, Jun 7, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA/AP) - The former chairman of the District of Columbia Council has been charged in DC Superior Court with a campaign finance violation on Thursday.

The newer charge is "aiding and abetting," according to officials.  Federal prosecutors say that DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown let his brother set up an outside account and then had him make expenditures from that account, reports 9NewsNow's Bruce Johnson. sources say that Brown has agreed to plead guilty to that charge tomorrow in DC Superior Court. He is expected to be released on his own recognizance.

In January, Bruce Johnson asked Kwame Brown how the federal investigation into his 2008 campaign would turn out. "You are totally innocent of any wrongdoing, other members of your campaign totally have done nothing wrong?" asked Johnson. 

Brown replied, "I've done absolutely nothing wrong, Bruce."

Kwame Brown resigned effective immediately on Wednesday night after initially only being charged with lying about his income on loan applications. 9News Now's Bruce Johnson reports that Brown's staff was terminated at the time of his resignation, but his replacement could rehire some workers.

Brown was charged Wednesday with bank fraud. Shortly after, he told colleagues in a closed-door meeting that he planned to resign. He sent a resignation letter late Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday, council members Phil Mendelson and Vincent Orange were at the Wilson Building lobbying for votes from other council members. They hope to replace Brown as chair for the remainder of his term.

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