RGIII Uses Twitter As "Motivational Tool"

10:49 AM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
RGIII uses Twitter to motivate people, and himself (Twitter.com/rgiii)
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) --  You will learn in the upcoming weeks how masterful Robert Griffin III is at speaking. He's relaxed but serious; intense yet human. But above all else, he's motivated and a motivator.

When the Heisman Trophy winner joined Twitter.com on April 3rd, not many people knew what to expect. Griffin gave me a better idea on Tuesday in New York of how he's using social media to inspire.

"Different people use [Twitter] for different things. I just want people to know, I was a dreamer, I wanted to be motivated and I had to find that through different avenues," said the soon to be Redskins quarterback. 

The final thing that stood out to me about Griffin's presence was how authentic each answer was to every reporter's question, even the unintelligent ones. His quotes are gifts to journalists -- with a perfectly tied bow on top. And he's the same exact way on Twitter.

"Whenever I [tweet] something, it's not scripted. It's something that I'm just feeling in that moment. But I know it can impact a lot of people," spoke Griffin about his influence. "So I just make sure I'm not on there talking about my personal life or things like that. It's all about what do my fans needs to hear."

Enjoy @RGIII tweets while you can. He implied that he won't be using his account once the season begins.

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