Secret Service Scandal Continues To Grow

5:48 AM, Apr 18, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) --  The scandal involving Secret Service agents and prostitutes is growing.  We're learning that it involved more women and may involve more agents.  

Eleven agents were sent home after they were accused of bringing prostitutes to a hotel in Cartahena, Colombia just days before President Obama's visit there. Those men are now on leave and their security clearance has been revoked because of their connection to this growing scandal.

But the scandal may now involved 21 men and up to 21 prostitutes. The additional 10 men are from the military. Five men are from the Army elite forces -- 2 high-ranking Navy sailors, 2 Marines and 1 member of the Air Force. 

All 21 were reportedly drinking at a Columbia strip club when they reportedly paid the women $60 to return to their hotel. Officials say it is unlikely there was a security breach because the agents were not yet briefed about the President's trip two days later.

Delia Goncalves has more about the scandal in the video above.

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