Good News And Bad News About The Dulles Rail Construction

6:11 AM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- There's good and bad news this week about the Dulles Rail construction. 

The good news: Tuesday, Fairfax County confirmed their commitment of close to $500 million for the second phase of the expansion past Dulles airport into Loudoun County.

The bad news: it could be delayed if Loudoun and the Commonwealth pull out of the station, so to speak, due to cost concerns. 

Monika Samtani spoke with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, who remains optimistic that with the money Virginia has committed the work will go on.

"When the assembly passes their budget, they will contributing $150 million. That's not insignificant. That's a very strong commitment from Governor McDonnell and the Commonwealth, because they believe in this project," said LaHood.

Loudoun County is expected to kick in $260 million for the extension, but says it expected more money from the state.
Without the extra money drivers may have to pay higher tolls to cover the construction cost.

The Virginia General Assembly is expected to make their budget decision next week. Loudoun County has until July to commit to its share.

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