Scott York of Loudoun County working to muster votes to continue next phase of Dulles Rail Project

6:06 PM, Mar 28, 2012   |    comments
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RESTON, Va. (WUSA) - There is serious concern the Dulles Rail project's phase II is in jeopardy.  Construction of the Silver Line to Dulles Airport might just stop right here at Reston with phase I if Loudoun County's board opts out of the phase II.

George Mason University economist Stephen Fuller says that would be a huge mistake."You can't go back and change your mind later. The opportunity will be lost forever," said Fuller.

The Reston Chamber of Commerce put on a show of force today, promoting all the benefits of continuing the project. Loudoun Chair Scott York is trying to muster the votes on his board.

"If we want to continue to bring businesses to Loudoun County, we have to build the infrasture. we can't just invite them to the table we have to put food on the table," York said.

Fuller said, "It's going to create a a reverse commute to work."

Opponents say the $3 billion cost is too high, that the rail ridership is too low, the tolls on the toll road will be too high, and that they hate the PLA, which is the project labor agreement that gives a bonus to contractors that use labor unions.

Fairfax County supervisor Pat Herrity, like much of Loudoun's board, is opposing the project at least until the PLA preference is removed.

Loudoun County has until July 4th to take a vote on the project.

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