Local Martial Artist Kicking Down The Competition

10:05 PM, Mar 1, 2012   |    comments
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Local Martial Artist Kicking Down The Competition

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - The Washington DC area has a strong Martial Arts Community that has produced one of the best athletes in the sport.

In elementary school, Mickey Lee was an overweight kid. He was an easy target for bullies. 

Mickey tried getting involved in different types of sports, but nothing clicked until he was introduced to Martial Arts.
That's when his body and his life started to change and the bullies backed away 

"After starting to learn martial arts I stopped getting bullied, got physically fit, got self confident," Mickey says.

 Mickey's mom, Melody, saw how much fun her son was having, she decided to give the sport a try too. 

Melody says it makes her feel young, stay young. She likes to say she's growing young.

Now the two have turned their passion into a career, teaching others at Coles Martial Arts Academy in Bethesda.. 

Martial arts you can use for self defense, you can practice, you can compete, many different avenues.

When he's not in the studio, Mickey, one of the most decorated athletes in his sport... is competing all over the world.

He was Recently featured on ESPN at the International Sport Karate Association World Championship.

And just last month, Mickey was named World Grand Champion of the oldest and most prestigious Karate Association

And his mom is right there by his side as coach and cheerleader..

Melody says, "It's amazing when I watch. I help him out. I'm not the best performer but I'm a really good coach."

Mickey and Melody also coach the Martial Arts club at Georgetown University, an organization that Mickey started there when he was a freshman.

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