Pre-Gamers Arrested By Montgomery County Police

11:42 PM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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SILVER SPRING, MD (WUSA)--In recent weeks 9NEWS NOW has tried to drive home the consequences of underage drinking.  Death behind the wheel.  Alcoholism.  Or perhaps, wreaking similar destruction on someone else's life.

If all of the above is not bad enough, how about getting busted? 

"I'll do anything if you just don't call my parents," a 16-year-old says as she pleads with Montgomery County Police earlier this month.  "Please don't call my parents!"

Not only is she 16.  But she is also very drunk. 

"It just gives you like a feeling of being on the edge," the 16-year-old explains to 9NEWS NOW's Derek McGinty.  "I was going to the concert and I just wanted to have fun."

"She's almost twice the legal limit," says Montgomery County Police Officer Bill Morrison.


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Instead of going to the concert at the nearby Fillmore, the teen and a van full of underage drinkers--and a couple of older enablers--were busted by Montgomery County cops in a frigid parking garage right nearby.

When the police spotted the 16-year-old she had just thrown up all over herself.

"Problem is," says Officer Morrison, "Word gets out, 'Hey you come to the parking garage, you come to the parking lot, and you drink.'"

Everyone in the van is getting citations.  But that's not the worst part. 

"I'm not calling your parents," Officer Morrison tells the young people.  "You're going to call your parents and tell them you're under arrest."

"Please, please, please don't," pleads the 16-year-old.  "Oh my God, please don't."

"Call your parents," demands Morrison.

 "Are you afraid that your parents are going to punish you?" 9NEWS NOW's Derek McGinty asks the 16-year-old after the call is made to her parents.

"They already told me on the phone," she sobs. 

However, when when Mom and Dad arrive and get the full story from Officer Morrison, they want know who gave their little girl the booze?

"This one over here," says Officer Morrison.

A confrontation ensues between the parents and the 21-year-old wearing a Redskins cap. The body language is telling but you can hear mom yell, "What were you thinking?"  The reality is inside that van, that night, nobody was thinking.


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"It's the stupidest thing I've ever done," says the 16-year-old.  "I never want to do again.  Never wanna do it again."

"Is that the lesson you take away from this?" asks McGinty.

"Don't ever do this because you're gonna get caught and it's so dumb.  It's so dumb."

So she says on this night.  But she also admits this isn't her first tine out drinking.  Which is why even though there is some compassion for her distress, the cops must practice a tougher sort of love.

"These are good kids," says Officer Morrison.  "They're not bad kids.  They're just good kids making bad decisions and unfortunately those poor decisions could get them killed."

If found guilty, the 16-year-old faces more than parental consequences. Officer Morrison tells 9NEWS NOW if this is her first citation, she faces a maximum $500 fine. If she's been cited before, upwards of $1,000.   Plus Officer Morrison recommended to the girl's parents that she attend teen court.

As for the 21-year-old who allegedly provided the booze, hope he has some deep pockets. If found guilty, Officer Morrison says he could be fined as much as $12,5000. Because in addition to the 16-year-old we profiled, there were 2 other juveniles in that van who allegedly drank. 

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