Talking To Your Kids About Drinking

12:26 PM, Feb 20, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)--One in three children starts drinking by the end of 8th grade. This is according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.  Of these kids, half say they have gotten drunk.

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Beth Kane Davidson, Director of the Addiction Treatment Center at Suburban Hospital, says it is important for parents to take the issue of underage drinking very seriously.  She also advises parents to talk with their children early and often.

Davidson, along with some help from students and parents, came up with this list of questions parents need to ask before their kids leave the house to visit friends:

  • Where are you going?


  • Who are you going with?


  • How many people are going with you?


  • How do you know these people?


  • Do you know the people well?


  • Do we know these people?


  • Who is driving?


  • Are they on a provisional?


  • Do their parents abide by the provisional rules?


  • Have you been there before?


  • Who are the parents?


  • What is the address?


  • What is the phone number?


  • Who will be there?


  • How many people will be involved in the gathering?


  • Do you know these people well?


  • Do you anticipate people who are not invited showing up?


  • Do you have any concerns?


  • Is there a theme for the get together?


  • Will you be indoors or outdoors?


  • Is there a possibility of a change in plans?


  • What time will you leave?


  • What time will you be home?


  • Do you know our code?


  • Have you given us enough time to call the parents and discuss the plan?


Davidson says, "Monitoring is never easy. Remember the end statement from your kids will be 'Thanks.'"

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