McGinty's Mailbag: TV Restrictions On Obscene Material

8:24 AM, Jan 12, 2012   |    comments
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We received passionate response to the story on efforts by some to have broadcast TV and cable subjected to the same restrictions on obscenity.

Jon from Lorton, Virginia says the system isn't broken so why fix it:

"Parents who purchase cable tv have the option of blanking out unwanted channels. They can blank out internet sites by invoking security applications on their computers. They have the expectation for clean tv from over the air broadcasts. If that is changed, then the choice is not WHETHER to block Channel 9, but WHEN to block Channel 9. That's not a practical solution. Why change it so we can't stop foul language we don't want to hear?

And Sean from Bowie wants to take it even farther:

"Cable and broadcast tv should be placed on an equal footing. Both should be held to the standards that currently apply to broadcast tv. For me it is a reflection on our entire society. Anyone can cuss, but it takes an intelligent person to express themselves without the use of expletives. ....I would hate to see all of our communication services become the trash can of the worlds airways..."

But Lisa says the real issue is freedom:

"The Supreme Court and the FCC are trying to protect our youth.... But there are far better ways than to interfere with the freedom of expression or the freedom of speech...Perhaps we should, instead, encourage parents to actually participate in their kids' lives and watch television with them... and then question what they see so the media don't have invisible influence on the kids... "

Good points from everyone. I have only one question: broadcast networks are now competing with a zillion cable channels for viewers -- many of whom don't remember a television Universe without hundreds of channels -- is it a level playing field if legacy broadcasters have to hold to decency standards that others do not?

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