Shane Donahue Of Nokesville, Va., Still Missing For Another Christmas

11:40 PM, Dec 22, 2011   |    comments
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Missing Son Dampens Christmas Holidays

Nokesville, Va. ( WUSA) --- The cheery Christmas decorations that fill the home on Nokesville Road here are more extensive than any you may have seen; shelves filled with lighted model houses in holiday dress, Christmas music coming from music boxes, carefully trimmed trees showing how much this family adores this holiday.

But, despite those displays, the home is less festive than at most Christmases. The inflated figures that normally adorn the front lawn are still packed away. The outside lighting displays are not installed or plugged in.

Instead, there is another big display outside this home, one facing drivers who pass on Nokesville. It has a number. On Thursday it was 637. On Friday it will be 638, the number of days that Shane "Bubba" Donahue has been missing. This was his home, the one where his laughing voice warmed so many Christmases past.

"It's just not Christmas without Bubba, without his laugh, and it's really, really hard for us," said Shane's mother Donna Donahue in a conversation with 9News Now on Thursday evening.

Shane disappeared in March of 2010 after working on a car in his parent's yard with a co-worker from a just-completed project.

"He came in and said 'Love you Mom, leaving.'

"I said 'you don't want dinner, you and Timmy?'"

"And he said,' No, we gotta go."'

Those were the last words Donna Donahue heard her son say.

Timmy was Timmy Hickerson, the man who told the Donahues he had dropped their son at his (Shane's) apartment that afternoon.

Hickerson was later arrested for theft in an unrelated case and is serving a prison sentence. He is described by police as a person of interest in the disappearance of Shane Donahue.

Police say the case is still officially a missing persons case but is being investigated as a death investigation and is being treated as a homicide.

The Donahues seem resigned to the fact Shane is dead.

"There is no bright side. We need to put Shane to rest so that I can put myself to rest," said Donna Donahue.

The family and police ask anyone who may have information about the case to contact Prince William County Police.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding Shane can be found here.

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