HERO CENTRAL: Linden Resources Employs People with Disabilities

4:43 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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ARLINGTON, Va., (WUSA) Most times people with severe disabilities have limited work and living options. But each year Linden Resources employs and provides vocational services for more than 250 people with disabilities.

28 year-old Megan Greenwood is a great example of someone who has transitioned due to the help of Linden Resources. She served four years in Iraq as an Air Force medic. When she returned she suffered from post traumatic stress. She is considered a disabled vet because of depression and migraines that hinder her from working. Today, she is studying health care administration at George Mason University.

Marshall Henson, VP of Workforce Development, says, "It's absolutely satisfying to see someone come in with low sense self-esteem or low self of confidence to be able to gain some skills in any one of our many lines of business and then have an opportunity to go out and work." For people with disabilities, a job is more than a paycheck, it means pride and greater independence.

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