"Our DC" Protestors: Don't Call Us "Occupy DC"

11:22 PM, Dec 5, 2011   |    comments
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Our DC Protesters

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- There is another movement in Washington, D.C. promising to get a message across and make noise. However, there is concern over their public image after another group of protestors faced off with police on Sunday.

"Our DC" is a group specifically focused on trying to bring more jobs to district residents. On Sunday, protestors with "Occupy DC" faced off with police after they refused to bring down a barn like structure on McPherson Square that they had illegally built. In that incident protestors were defiant, and ultimately many of them ended up being arrested. Some where thrown to the ground by police in order to calm their aggression.

The members of the "Our DC" movement say they don't want to be associated with the type of behavior exhibited by the "Occupiers" in McPherson square.

Linda Evans with "Our DC" said, "We are a peaceful group. We are not about violence. We're not about hurting anybody."

Over at McPherson Square Kyle Szlosek with the "Occupy DC" movement said he doesn't believe their actions on Sunday are to blame for any other protestors getting a bad reputation.

Instead, he suggested their actions be celebrated. Szlosek said, "It was a good message for the fact that it got the message out to the people. It obstructed the town. It stopped business as usual, and because of that people had to pay attention."

"Our DC" has been allowed to keep their tents and stations up on the National Mall until Friday.

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